Are You Getting All The Work You Need?

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Quick – what’s the most important part of your VO business?

Did you say “my voice”? Mic? Mixer? Software? Sound room? Mic Pre?

Those are all great answers. But the most important part of your VO business is —— customers. Clients. People or companies who are willing to pay you to record their stuff. That could be a commercial, on-hold message. V-Mail prompts. Trade Show video. College Sports recruiting video. (I do one for the Colorado School of Mines Football program every year.) Product demos. The list is endless.

Anyone that tells you there just isn’t as much work in VO as there used to be is either out of touch or has no idea how to build a solid customer base.

Voice Over is no different than any other business in that it requires a constant supply of new customers. It’s like your car. Everyday it needs gas to operate. So does your VO business. Your fuel is a paying customer.

Okay – I’m not breaking any new ground here. Or am I? How many of us have oodles of talent, a superb studio, a top notch agent and little to no business.

Life Changing VO Tip #153: Agents do not get you work! Agents facilitate recording sessions. Set / negotiate rates. Send you auditions. Bill the Client and collect your fee. Deduct their fee from your fee. And mail out checks. But they do not get you work.

I love my agency. (Radical Artists) Would do anything for them. But they don’t go to the office everyday and jump on the phone with the goal of getting me work. I wish they would. But they don’t. That’s not how it works.

You and you alone are responsible for starting, growing and keeping your business alive.

I’d bet more VO businesses close each year than any other business. Why? Not for lack of talent. But for lack of work. Admit it – you love to work. But you hate getting the work.

Join the club!

We all wish the phone would ring off the hook each day with an agent or a client asking if we have time to squeeze them in that afternoon. We all wish the Discovery Channel would call and say, “We are so tired of Mike Rowe’s voice. And we want you to be the new voice of “Deadliest Catch”. Would you please take the gig?”

Or this scenario. “Hello Frank? This is Mr Visa. We just canned Morgan Freeman and want you to start recording all the spots for the next Olympic Games. Can you help us? Money is no object.”

Or this. “Mr Eriksen, this is the Florida Orange Growers Association and we just found out that Donald Sutherland was in that disgraceful film Animal House and smoked pot right on screen. We need you to start voicing our commercials immediately. We’ll pay you what we were paying Sutherland. When can you start?”

I have those recurring fantasies all the time. Well, those and there’s one that involves the late Maggie Thatcher – but we won’t go into that one now.

But fantasies they are.

So what are you doing each day to grow your client base and build your annual income to six figures? It’s being done. Just not by you. But you can do that. It’s not that hard. And I’ll get into that on Thursday’s blog/podcast. Be sure to sign up here or follow the Voice Over Grille on Twitter to get all our inspiring updates.

Until then ask yourself this question. Why aren’t you earning six figures or more in Voice Over every year? The answers next time right here at the Voice Over Grille.


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  1. Thank you for the informative article. I was reading your post in the voiceover discussion group on LinkedIn. Any future updates and info would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Denise Sakel